South Fork Software

Android application, Core Java application programming
Swing, JDBC, SQL, PHP, XML, SNMP, Linux, iSeries, AIX, Windows

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South Fork Software can design, write, document and maintain Android or Java applications, utilities and tools. Large or small projects welcome. Java development has been continuous here since 1996 and Linux has been in use here since 1992. Peter Van Wazer began professional software development in 1989 using the Clipper language.

SQL has been written for IBM iSeries, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. IBM iSeries database triggers and stored procedures have been written here.

SNMP, SMI, MIB's are written here. SNMP manager applications and extention agents have been written here.

Replication of iSeries RPG applications as client based Java Swing JDBC applications is a speciality !

Always straight forward, well formatted, object oriented, easily to read code is created here.

We will consider giving you a fixed price for a well defined medium or small project.

Last Update June 7, 2011