Converting Clipper, dBase, FoxPro applications to Java

Last Update April 2, 1998
South Fork Software has extensive experience in xBase programming. CA - Clipper was the primary development language used here before Java became the primary focus. A deep and wide understanding of xBase programming syntax and structure allows South Fork Software to quickly understand xBase code. Rewriting xBase programs in the Java language is a specialty of South Fork Software. With relatively little discussion about code South Fork Software can take your xBase application code and return a finished Java application in an efficient time frame. When program modernization and extensive interface redesign is required South Fork Software will be glad to cooperate during the design phase then write the complete Java application.
After delivering a Java application South Fork Software can use the Java code to teach your programmers both the Java language and how to maintain and modify this Java application.

South Fork Software would like to put this experience to work for you.
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