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Last Update May 7, 2000

Resume for Peter Van Wazer

Earth sheltered solar heated shop by South Fork Construction - 1979

Earth sheltered solar heated hog farrowing by South Fork Construction - 1980

Some personal history;
Peter Van Wazer was born in Minneapolis MN. Attended Edina High School and the University of Minnesota. Studied Mechanical Engineering and all the computer classes given there in the '60s (fortran programming). Spent the summer of '69 driving the BMW R50S through the western USA and decided no more city life. Moved to this 1924 farm house in the hills of southeastern Minnesota in 1974 (on the South Fork of the Root River). May be found most weekends biking on the Root River Trail. Much time will be spent converting the south field into a nine hole par 3 practice golf course. More information on South Fork Bed & Golf will be posted here in the future.

Some other interests of Peter Van Wazer
Tree crops - Honey locust, food for livestock and people
The Irish Wolfhound - A friend for life
South Fork Bed and Golf

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